CapFuran® preclinical study published in the Journal of Controlled Release

This research was carried out as a vibrant, interdisciplinary collaboration between the respective laboratory teams of Jennifer Rohn (CSO) and those of two of AtoCap’s founders, Mohan Edirisinghe and Eleanor Stride.

Lab bladder model

Photo: H. Horsley for AtoCap

The lead authorship was shared by Dr Dhan Dharmasena, a PhD student in Jenny’s lab, and Dr Keith Lau, a post-doc in Mohan’s lab.

The paper reports that CapFuran® can kill a variety of key uropathogenic bacterial species, can penetrate deep into host tissues to destroy hidden microbial reservoirs, and can kill biofilms, which are problematic bacterial communities that usually resist normal antibiotic treatment.

The publication of AtoCap’s latest pre-clinical data of significantly enhanced antimicrobial effect in a human organoid model of bladder infection is a significant milestone in the journey of CapFuran®, as it paves the way for further translation and commercialisation. The Journal of Controlled Release is a prestigious international scientific journal that publishes key research on novel drug delivery modalities.

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