Podcast interview with AtoCap's CSO

Our CSO Dr Jenny Rohn was recently interviewed by Richard Dyson for the Cazenove Capital podcast series, “Encounters With Success”.

Jenny in home office

Photo: R. Grant

In the interview, she talks about her science, her philosophy, and about how AtoCap’s first pipeline product is aimed at improving the lives of patients with treatment-resistant urinary infections.

“[T]he reason I’m doing this is because I’m really really passionate about the patients that we’re trying to help… Like most diseases of women, it’s been historically neglected. Women with symptoms are often told by their doctors that it’s all in their head. They’re often sent home without antibiotics. I’ve heard so many patient stories. People have been suffering for years and years from urinary tract infections and being dismissed by the health care system as being hysterical or psychosomatic or all sorts of labels.┬áIt’s really shocking.”

Jenny and Richard explore a wide range of topics, from the effect of motherhood on productivity and how it feels to be a woman in business, to the importance of science in our daily lives and what makes scientists get out of bed in the morning. Listen to the whole interview here.

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